DR1000 Pro DC Brush ServoMotors

The DigiRout 1000 Pro has high torque NEMA 34 round frame DC Brush Servomotors available for all axes (double stack length on the X & Y& Z axes). The picture above shows the construction of the motor. The robust large diameter rotor which along with the rare earth magnets provides an ultra high 1125 oz-in of Peak torque.  The skewed rotor design ensures smooth low speed motion without "cogging". The high resolution (500 per rev) incremental position encoder provides feedback to ensure no loss of postioning. These high torque digital motors combine affordability and reliability for the prime movers of the DigiRout. The G320x drives is a recently revised design taking advantage of the latest CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Devices) to process the encoder and step & direction motion signals along with a mature proven power output stage rated for 70 VDC and are made in the USA.

Here is a video showing the smoothness and speed of the brush servos:

Brush servos

Specs for the X  Y Z axes motor: