DR1000 Rotary Lathe Axis

The Digirout 1000 Rotary Lathe Axis allows CNC lathe machining of stock up to the travel length of the machine. The picture above shows the construction of the lathe axis. A standard lathe adjustable wood chuck is mounted to the precision vertical rotary table. The worm gear drive provides a 36:1 gear reduction. The timing belt reduction provides a further 3:2 gear reduction which is driven by a nema 34 motor & microstepping drive (Servo motor and drive also available for additional charge). The rotary table is mounted to a 3"x5"x.25" steel angle for mounting to the router table surface. A tailstock with dual  .75" spherically adustable mounted radial bearings allows lathe machining of parts up to the travel length of the Digirout 1000 .

Specs for the Rotary Table are:

Specs for theLathe Chuck are: